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About Page: Pete’s Wellness Blog

Hey guys, what’s up? I’m Pete, and I’m starting this wellness blog which I invite you to participate in.
I know, everyone talks about wellness and there are already a million blogsites out there about the topic, but hey, I wanted to start another one.
Wellness covers such a huge range of topics. A few that come to mind instantly are: sleep, movement (exercise), rest, food intake, vitamins and minerals, meditation, centering, fun, connection, and brain stimulation. I’m sure you can add to that list.
My thought about this blogsite is that I’ll write articles and manage any others that are posted. I don’t mean I’ll edit them. Mostly I’ll do stuff like categorizing them so they’re easy for people to find. And if something gets posted that’s highly offensive, I’ll reserve the right to take it down.
I may add relevant pictures or links or videos as I come across them.

Want to join me on this?

P.S. Forgot to tell you about me. I’m 35 and I’m a single dad. Two kids, old enough to do stuff with me and leave at home if necessary. They’re with me all the time since mom is not in the picture at all. I’m young enough to still have energy to do things and old enough to value wellness and selfcare.