SS Part II

Woman in orange doing CrossFit pull-up (February 26 2010)
My gosh, I had so much unexpected fun writing the last blog on things that sabotage our wellness that I’m going to call this Sneaky Sabotage Part II and carry on. . . .

Remember, you can add to it if you like! I’m all ears.

In case you missed Sneaky Sabotage Part I, here’s a recap. We sabotage our wellness in many ways. We let negative thoughts take over. We should not do that. We eat too much junk food. We should not do that. We isolate. We should not do that. We tell ourselves we don’t need sleep. We should not do that.

So, now you’re up to speed.

Here are some more ways that I think we sabotage our wellness.
You’re 92? Who Cares? Do That Bungee Jump!

We tell ourselves we’re too old to do something. Horse puckey! (I had to say that. My granddad used to say that and it popped into my mind as quite apropos. And funny.) Ok, I don’t tell myself I’m too old very often yet, since

I’m only 35, but I hear it from older friends, and I see that it keeps them from doing stuff. I’m not unsympathetic. I believe they really think that. I just disagree, and I think that kind of mentality closes doors unnecessarily.

And I think that when a person closes doors prematurely, it chips away at emotional wellness. You abdicate confidence, adventure, and a spirit of exploration and replace them with defeat and surrender. DON’T DO THAT! It wreaks havoc on your emotional wellness!
Put That Opinion Where the Sun Don’t Shine

We worry about what other people think. UGH. I do fall victim to this, and it really sucks. How does it sabotage our wellness? When we obsess about what other people think, it sucks out energy and leaves behind blackness.

It’s a joy-stealer. A happiness-robber. A positivity-thief. Don’t do that! I know, easier said than done. When you find yourself in knots about something, take a minute to drill down and see why the knot is there. Are you worried what so-and-so thinks? Yes? Drill down a little more. Does it really matter what that person thinks? Why? Drill down a little more. At the end of the day, is their opinion worth you getting in knots about? In five years, will it matter? No? Then do your thing and hold your head high and let that person’s opinion gets stuffed where the sun don’t shine.

Get Off Your Duff and MOVE

I’m too busy to exercise, you say. Bullshit. Dude, you’re talking about your LIFE here. Get off your ass and walk around the block. And then walk around it again. If that’s all you can manage, fine. Props to you for the baby steps. I’m not telling you to get a gym membership and work out an hour a day. I’m just saying, start moving. I don’t have to tell you why it’s good for you. You know why. You know it’s important for your wellness. You’re not a child and you’re not an idiot. Well, you are an idiot if you say you’re too busy to walk around the block once. You know what I mean.

Thus endeth Part II of a blog topic that I thought could be over six lines in.

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