Sneaky Sabotage

Woman in orange doing CrossFit pull-up (February 26 2010)
OK, so I’m not sure where this blog is going to go, since I’m going to come at the wellness topic from a backwards angle. Meaning, I’m going to freewheel for a while on what not to do if you’re trying to pursue wellness.

This article could end up being only six lines long if I can’t think of much!

But I think it’s an angle worth trying, so here goes.

What Not To Do If You’re Pursuing Wellness:

Ixnay on Egativitynay!

Let your mind be consumed by negative thoughts. Wow, this is so easy to do, especially if you’re in the middle of a really shitty situation, like a divorce, or a business failure, or bankruptcy, or _______________  (fill in the blank).

Even if you’re in a mildly shitty situation, like—the shower curtain KEEPS falling down, your house has hair balls rolling across the floor because you’ve been too busy to clean it, you ruined your favorite shirt by washing it with an ink pen—you can still fall prey to negative thoughts that take over. DON’T LET THEM TAKE OVER!!  You are bigger than your thoughts! Consciously push them away and remind yourself that this is happening now, but it won’t last forever!

Pass the Cheetos

Eat crap loads of junk food and fast food. Yeah, I know, that’s really so basic. We all know it. I know it, for sure. But if I take a quick look at what I ingested yesterday, here’s what I see: a good breakfast (hooray), a Coke, a decent lunch (semi-hooray), another Coke, a bunch of Cheetos, a mini candy bar, a bunch more Cheetos, a good dinner (hooray), a McDonald’s ice cream cone, another handful of Cheetos, and several more mini chocolate bars. Wow, look at that array of junk surrounding the meals: sugar, sugar, empty calories, sugar, empty calories, more sugar. And yes, Coke can eat through a nail, so there’s that additional aspect of what I allowed into my stomach. So even though I consider myself fairly healthy, a hard look at what I actually eat shows me that there’s room for improvement!

Thou Shalt Not Be Alone

Tell Yourself You Don’t Need People. You do need people. Don’t be an idiot. Connectedness is a universal human need. Doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert. All that means is that you recharge your batteries by being alone. It doesn’t mean you don’t need relationships. Force yourself to go out and do something with someone, even if it’s attending a club or a meeting or a book study where initially you just listen. Baby steps. Listen for a bit and then make yourself go so hi to someone. And then next time have a little conversation with that same someone. Let it develop from there, but be INTENTIONAL about connecting.

Tell Yourself You Don’t Need Sleep. It’s just not true. You do need sleep, and you need more than three hours unless you were born with a brain defect. (Kidding.)

Make yourself stop doing stuff (putting up that shower curtainAGAIN, vacuuming up the hair balls) and GO TO BED ALREADY!
I actually could say more on this subject. Who knew? I’ll save it for next time!

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